For 13 years and continuing, Boutique Camping has been catering to an expanding spectrum of international clients. Whether it's campsites, event businesses, glamping grounds, or the hospitality industry, our top-notch products empower boutique enterprises to distinguish themselves from rivals by providing extraordinary camping and shelter solutions to their guests and clients.

Our exclusive and dependable product range, complemented by our seasoned expertise, VIP customer service, and attentive aftercare, have earned us a reputation as a reliable retailer for outdoor businesses seeking to enhance their amenities and unlock their ground's full potential. Just check out our 50k Trustpilot reviews here if you don't believe us!

With our MEGA SUMMER SALE live at a time boutique-businesses may be planning for next season, we have scoured our data and based on order history, product demand and Trustpilot reviews, have handpicked the top glamping gear picked and pitched by trade. So, let's get into it.... 


Although simplistic, the Classic Bell Tent boasts several innovative and compelling features set to impress; extra tall door height (5m+), double-layered mesh doors & windows, a zippable groundsheet, a centre pole that beautifully hangs a chandelier or inner tent & much more! These features combined make outdoor businesses seeking traditional tipi inspired structures a great fit.
With every trade client facing different demands and challenges, the Classic Bell Tent has 6 versatile fabrics to choose from.

Why The Classic Bell Tent?

Key Features: 2M(6.5ft) door height (tents over 5m/16ft), integrated stove hole & flap (Cotton Fire Retardant only), mesh doors/windows, roll-up sides, an access zip for electrical hook up, internal pocket, centre pole with loop for attaching optional Chandelier or Inner Tent, vents with mesh netting, zippable windows, zippable groundsheet, screw on rain cap, reflective guy ropes, unclip & lay flat groundsheet at front doors.




The Star Bell Tent, an exclusive tent launched in 2015, is our most popular choice for outdoor businesses. Its integrated canopy porch maximises living space, allowing alfresco dining regardless of the weather. The 360° netting keeps bugs out while providing a cool breeze in hot climates. The Star Bell Tent is available in 4 versatile fabrics and 4 sizes, making it a fit for almost any climate and clientele. Safety is ensured with the arched-hem and webbing-strap duo that reduces tripping hazards and redirects rain. The tent's classic aesthetic and innovative features set it apart from competitors, offering guests an exceptional and unique experience.

Why The Star Bell Tent?

Key Features: 2M door height (5m+), 360° mesh walls that can be rolled up, door & window mesh, integrated stove hole & flap (Cotton Fire Retardant only), integrated curved canopy, arched overhang for redirecting rain-pour, webbing straps, internal pockets, roll-up walls, an access point for electrical hook-up, centre pole with loop for attaching optional Inner Tent, vents with mesh netting, zippable groundsheet with a lay-flat option at front doors.


New and highly ranked in Boutique's respected trade list is ‘Bally Brook Farm’, a luxury retreat home to the exclusively designed ‘Star Bell Emperor’ glamping structure. Pitched perfectly on elevated decking and overseeing unparalleled views of a 120 year old farm nestled in Virginia, this impressive setup effortlessly embodies a fusion of ‘rustic luxury’ and ‘wild wellness’.

Why The Star Bell Emperor?

This majestic design comes equipped with a 4x6m larger-than-life, stoop-free interior and is extended with an al fresco-amplifying integrated curved canopy.

The Star Emperor is strong, stable and striking from all angles, boasting unique integrations which include breezy, bug-free 360° mesh walls and the well-respected arched-hem and webbing-strap duo which work together to reduce tripping hazards and redirect rain-pour away from the tent.

My resilient and adaptable 285gsm Polycotton skin has been treated with a rot, UV & water-repelling agent and as it's breathable can safely accommodate a Wood Burning Stove instalment.

Key Features: 2M (6.5ft) door height, 360° mesh netting, integrated curved canopy, arched overhang for redirecting rain-pour, webbing straps, internal pockets, centre poles with loop for attaching optional Chandelier or Inner Tent, vents with mesh netting, zippable windows, an access point for electrical hook up, unclip & lay flat groundsheet at front doors.


Why The Original Pizza Oven?

Unique in many ways, this exclusive design not only acts as a heat solution in almost any outdoor or in-tent environment but also provides endless cooking abilities too!

Fuelled by wood and reaching heats of 300°c/570°f, the upper oven cooks you and your camping companions perfect pizzas in just 4 minutes - with the non-stick cordierite stone achieving 12" of evenly-baked pizza-heaven!

This versatile appliance has been designed to enable additional tasty treats to be cooked simultaneously with the stove top doubling as a hob, perfect for frying, boiling, or simmering and the side grills to warm or toast... and if you still have space to eat, why not use the naked flame to roast marshmallows, yum!

Special Features: Non-stick cordierite pizza stone for even cooks, locking legs, air flow valve, fire resistant glass, includes flue (chimney), removable side grills & spark arrestor, integrated temperate gauge, fittings for the compatible kettle water heater.


Boutique Camping continually introduces new tent add-ons and glamping accessories, providing trade clients with a convenient one-stop-shop to refresh their tents and interiors. Among the top accessories purchased by trade clients are matting, tent covers, chandeliers, and stoves.

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