Camping Lights

When Mother Nature’s lights turn off for the day, it’s time to add some additional camping lights into your canvas tent. So, since you’re glamping, why not combine pretty with practical and try a tent chandelier? Guaranteed to elevate your living space from good to glamorous, we have a range of unique canvas tent lighting just waiting for you to browse.

Tent lights are a must when it comes to practical, stress-free camping, allowing you to continue your evening even after the sun goes down. Ideal for adding a little luxury to your glamping experience, our tent chandeliers fit the majority of our classic and exclusive canvas tent designs, and as they are fitted with electrical lights, there’s no need to worry about fire hazards. Simply thread the center pole through the chandelier tiers, hook it
onto the integrated loop, and fill each tier with battery-operated tealights. Voila!

If you love the way these hanging camping lights brighten up a tent, be sure to browse the rest of our glamping accessories before your next trip. We stock stylish, boho furniture
like tables and seating as well as tent decorations, floor mats, and bedding to help you get cozy while you sleep under the stars. So, be prepared for anything with camping essentials like our electrical air bed pumps, and top it all off with a woodburning tent stove to take your campsite cooking to the next level.

Browse the wide range of camp lights at Boutique Camping today.