19-Foot Canvas Tents

If you’re searching for a 7- or 8-person canvas tent, a 19-foot tent from Boutique Camping could be the perfect fit for you and your group. A 19 ft canvas tent is spacious enough for up to 8 people to spend the night, but if you’re a smaller group looking for more space — whether this is for the rest of your glamping equipment or outdoor adventure gear — this roomy tent could be ideal for you as well. Browse our full range below to discover the different designs and materials on offer.

If you’re an avid camper or glamper, a 19 ft canvas tent from Boutique Camping could be just the thing for you. Each of our canvas tents are made with comfort and durability in mind, so whether you opt for a classic canvas tent or one of our own innovative patented designs, you can ensure the same great quality every time.

We have a wide variety of 19-foot options to choose from to suit different types of campers. For those who love to glamp with a camping stove, you’ll find a 19 ft canvas tent with a stove hole in this range. And for those looking to soak up the views from the comfort of their tent, our 7- to 8-person Multi-Door tent is a fantastic choice. With multiple materials, colors, and designs to choose from, you’re sure to find the right option for you in this range.

If you like the 8-person canvas tents in this collection, you may want to browse our even wider range of glamping equipment to complete your set-up, including tables and seating, bedding, and other camping essentials. We also stock a selection of larger 23 ft canvas tents for a more spacious alternative, as well as 16 ft varieties for those looking to downsize.

Explore the 7- or 8-person canvas tents available at Boutique Camping today. Looking
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