Inner Tents

A key part of our tent accessories and add-ons range, these inner tents are glamping essentials that you won’t want to forget. By creating a designated separate sleeping area within your canvas tent, tent inners allow the rest of your space to be used as a communal lounge. Our inners also have a zippable mosquito netting layer on the doors and windows, so you can catch a breeze whilst keeping insects at bay. Shop the full range below.

If you want some extra coverage from bright morning sunlight, a dark inner tent from this range can be an absolute game-changer for your camping holiday. We stock both light and dark-colored inner tents, and while our dark inners aren’t 100% blackout, they will effectively block out more sunlight than their light counterpart — meaning you emulate a blackout inner tent bedroom and enjoy longer lie-ins!

Whether you’re looking for a 13-foot or 19-foot canvas tent inner or something a little larger, we’ll help you find the perfect fit. You can then take your camping experience to the next level by decorating your inner tent bedroom with our wide range of glamping accessories. This includes furniture like tables and seating as well as lighting and bedding.

Find a new canvas tent inner at Boutique Camping today. And don’t forget to explore our full range of canvas tents to elevate your glamping experience.