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Invest in a wood burning tent stove to enjoy savvy and stylish heating solutions, perfect for creative cooking and amplifying ambiances during your next outdoor adventure. Our camping wood stoves can be used both in and outside of your bell tent: simply ignite the flame and enjoy ultra-cosy glamping with our versatile range of portable and pizza-perfecting woodburning stoves! Shop the full range of glamping stoves at Boutique Camping today.

Cook up a cozy atmosphere with our tent stoves

We stock a broad range of tent stove accessories to choose from, so whether you’re looking for a pizza shovel to serve up your masterpiece or tent stove mats to protect your groundsheet from damage, we’ve got you covered. For instance, here you’ll find a bell tent stove flashing kit, which is essential for ensuring a well-ventilated fire retardant, cotton, or polycotton canvas fabric tent. Check out our video tutorial for help installing the flashing kit, or this one if your tent has a pre-cut stove hole.

Here you’ll also find useful everyday accessories like our wood stove water heater, which attaches to our Original Pizza Oven and Pizza Oven Plus to create a savvy little kettle that holds up to 4.5L of water, reaching boiling point (100°c) within 25 minutes. Perfect for providing you with hot cuppas or warm water for washing up!

Shop the range of pizza ovens, tools and accessories Boutique Camping today and enjoy same-day dispatch when you order before 2:30pm (GMT), Monday–Friday. You can even check out our guides for insider information before you buy.

Frequently asked questions on our tent stoves with oven

Got questions about tent stoves? Well, we've got answers. Our camping experts have tackled the most common queries to make sure you're ready and raring to go on your next adventure. 

At Boutique Camping, our guides are committed to helping you feel prepared and confident before you camp.

How safe are tent stoves?

Our tent stoves, combined with our suitable fire-retardant tents, are very safe - but it’s still important to be cautious around any open flame. You can also treat our breathable polycotton tents with a fire retardant agent at home. However, we always advise that  carbon monoxide alarm is used in conjunction and that the stove is placed on top of a heat mat or stand, stationed away from any flammable materials such as sleeping bags. 

As for setting it up, venting a tent stove is also very straightforward, thanks to our stove flashing kits and step-by-step guides.

How long do tent stoves burn? 

A classic wood-burning tent stove usually burns up to 4-5 hours, requiring new logs every hour. This is more than enough time to keep things cozy and warm, heat a kettle or bake something tasty - as well as offer an ambient glow as the sun goes down.