Nova Air Dome Tents

If you want to minimize pitching time and maximize internal space, an inflatable tent is the high-tech piece of camping kit you’ve been missing. Just as luxurious as the rest of our exclusively designed canvas tents, this easy-pitch model has no poles required, meaning even those who are new to outdoor adventures can get-off grid in style. Shop the full range of Nova Air Dome Tents at Boutique Camping today and step up your campsite cred.

Inflatable tents are excellent timesavers and sure to make your next camping trip easier. With an air tent from this range you can cut down pitching time and skip to the fun bit! Inflatable camping tents like the Nova Air Dome boast extra space, as the lack of center pole means you can enjoy an obstruction-free, pod-like interior and living area, leaving even more room for glamping furniture like tables and seating. Simply use our electrical air pump to inflate your dome tent, which can be used to pump up your airbeds, too.

Whether you’re looking for a 2-, 4-, or 6-person air tent, our Nova Air Dome comes in a range of sizes. Its Polycotton Canvas material has also been treated with a UV, rot, mold, and water-repelling agent that ensures both you and your tent enjoy maximum breathability while you sleep under the stars. Don’t forget to furnish your inflatable camping tent with our range of stunning glamping accessories to enjoy your most luxurious outdoor adventure yet.

Shop the range of inflatable dome tents at Boutique Camping today and get free shipping on your order.