Welcome to our brand new Bell tent protector cover!!

These beauties have just been added to our site and they have been the talk of the town. Now we have the duty to let you, our valued customers know all the cool new additions to our site, just in case you haven’t had a chance to catch a glimpse.

The bell tent protectors do just that, they protect the bell tent from the elements. If you have are already the owner of cotton bell tents, you must already be aware that as a natural fibre cotton can be affected by the elements if they are not well looked after. With these covers you can add an extra layer of UV, rain, and even storm protection.

The Bell tent protector cover is made from Polyester and it comes in two of the most popular bell tent sizes, 4m and 5m. We know Polyester is the best fabric for a rain cover as it is tremendously strong, and also robust against rot, mould or mildew.

What do you get with your purchase? Well, you get the fantastic rain cover, as well as our robust purple guy ropes and a handy drawstring bag.

If you’d like to know more information click here or send us an email on info@boutiquecamping.com

bell tent protector cover bell tent protector cover bell tent protector cover

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