How Do You Clean a Bell Tent?

A bell tent is a beautiful option for any camper and offers an added touch of luxury anywhere you travel.

Our bell tents are made using the highest quality materials, but just like any other tent they’re bound to pick up some dirt on your many adventures.

In this blog, we’ll teach you how to clean a bell tent and give it some TLC to ensure your tent stays in top condition for use all year round. 

Set up Preventative Measures

There is no right or wrong approach when learning how to clean a bell tent, but there are some important steps to take to ensure the longevity of your tent before you begin cleaning. 

Whether you’ve chosen a classic belt tent or you’ve gone for a different design like the luna bell tent, the easiest way to keep any bell tent in top condition is to prevent issues from occurring. 

Air Dry Your Tent

The most important step to keeping your tent clean is to let it air dry.

We know it can be easy to pack your tent away after a night amongst nature and forget all about it when you get home. However, if you leave your wet bell tent inside its bag without drying, this encourages mould to grow, and fast. 

To prevent this, open any doors and windows and let the air circulate for as long as you can before taking down your tent. If it’s raining where you’re set up you’ll have to skip this step. 

If you’ve got condensation or rainwater on the outside of your tent, wipe off the excess water with a towel or cloth and shake out your tent once folded down to ensure as much excess moisture is removed as possible. 

Once home, erect your tent again in your garden or hang it on a clothesline outside until completely dry. All of our tents at Boutique Camping have zippable groundsheets, meaning you can separate sections for speedy drying.

Although this step should be taken regardless of the tent type, you’ll be happy to know that bell tents like our polycotton canvas range are treated with water, rot, and UV repellants. This ensures your tent will hold up in all weather conditions. 

Use Protective Products 

All of our bell tents are made from the finest materials that are built to last, but for an extra layer of protection, we have a range of tent care and maintenance products to ensure the longevity of your tent. 

This handy cotton proof solution can be used in the washing machine to enhance your tent material, making it water-repellent, more breathable and less absorbent. 

Clean any mud or splashes on the fabric as soon as they appear. You can use a cheap wooden scrubbing brush to gently brush off any mud once it has dried or use a wet cloth on splashes to prevent deeper dirt stains from appearing. 

How to Remove Dirt and Stains from a Bell Tent

If you’ve been living it up at festivals or been off exploring the wilderness, you’re bound to have built up some dirty spots across your tent that can be easily removed. 

Good Old Soap and Water

A classic. The ever-popular, ever-effective cleaning solution that everyone can get their hands on. Make a mixture of soap and warm water and use a soft bristle brush to gently scrub any spots or stains on the tent. Rinse the excess soap off the tent with a garden hose and leave the tent to air dry.

To see the perfect technique for cleaning your bell tent, check out our washing and reproofing tutorial. 

Take a Trip to Your Tub!

If you’ve been out and about in the outdoors or living large at muddy festivals the last thing you want is to come home and hand clean your tent, especially if you’ve got more than just a few spots of dirt. Just like how you’ll want to relax in a nice bath after a long trip, you can give your tent some TLC in the same way.

Remove the groundsheet and any guy ropes, pop your bell tent into the bathtub with some warm water and add some tech wash for good measure to revitalise the waterproofing. This should make light work of any smells, stains or grime. 

If you’ve got a 3m tent you could opt for the easiest route and turn to your old friend the washing machine. However, we don’t recommend this on larger tents as they may struggle to fit!

How to Remove Mould from a Bell Tent

So you were out enjoying the sites and taking in nature and forgot to air dry your tent? Don’t worry, it happens to the best of us. But now you’ve noticed some mould on the fabric. All is not lost! We’ll show you how to clean a bell tent to remove mould in a few simple steps. 

Vinegar and Water

Known as an effective way to kill mould, a solution made up of white vinegar and water can remove mould from your tent without damaging the fabric. On a dry tent, apply the mixture using a spray bottle and cloth and begin wiping away any mould. 

Remember to cover the full surface of the tent to make sure all the spores are killed. Once you’re happy the mould has been removed, let your tent air dry as usual before packing away. 

Keep Your Bell Tent Beautiful - Consult an Expert at Boutique Camping

If you’ve tried all the above steps and you’re still having issues with mould, dirt or grime then it’s time to consult the professionals!

At Boutique Camping, we’re home to a range of experts and camping fanatics who can advise the best course of action for cleaning your tent. Before you start using harsh chemicals that could damage your bell tent, contact our team and we’ll be happy to help.

We can even refer you to a cleaning specialist who can professionally clean your bell tent and proof it to prevent further issues. Ensure your outdoor fun with a gorgeous glamping tent that lasts. 

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