Want the comfort and coolness of the festival 'boutique camping' ticket upgrade without the hefty price tag? With the rise in popularity of glamping, most festivals now collaborate with third parties outdoor businesses to offer ticket holders VIP camping experiences, where at an additional price tag (anything from £200-£1000 pp per festival duration) you can book a fully furnished pre-pitched tent, wagon, yurt or van.

 The perks this upgrade offers is home from home comfort and 0-no labour. However, for the price you pay for this, you could buy the exact set-up 4 times over and never have to bye-bye beloved bell tent.

 In this blog we will inspire and guide you on how to create your very own DIY, VIP experience at your next camping festival; 'the gear', 'the tips', and the 'don't forgets'. 

These three well-thought-out preparation pointers will not only achieve the aesthetic of a VIP camper but will help you execute it with meticulous efficiency.


When choosing your festival tent, you will want to consider 3 major elements;
1. Design, 2. Fabric, and 3. Size. 


At Boutique Camping®, design and credible craftsmanship is what makes us the UK's leading tent supplier. Every design presents a unique set of innovative structural features created to compliment any occasion and individual camper expectation, usually important festival factors could prioritise headspace, pitching time or 360° mesh walls but if you're not sure why not use our Tent Selector to help us find you your perfect pitch!
Classic Bell Tent is the easy to pitch, however if you're a season camper and pitching labour doesn't intimidate you a stand out design like our Star Emperor will offer more floor-to-headspace and of course, that added wow factor.

Find our more about the design features within our range of Bell Tents here.


All Boutique Camping tents are waterproof (or treated with a waterproofing agent), however this is not the only factor important when choosing your festival-fit fabric. Weight is also a big contender, cotton or polycotton tents can be heavy, so if you're expecting a long car-to-plot walk, the lighter the better. Low-to-zero maintenance and easy-cleaning is most festival goers tent preference, so Oxford fabric is a great choice, it's also lighter and comes in bright shades perfect for added and amplified festival fun.   

See our Fabric Guide page HERE for more information!


When shopping for your festival home-from-home you want to make sure the size you go for comfortably sleeps you, your festival crew, and also allows room for your belongings too.
If the weather is looking unpredictable, a larger space may be beneficial as you'll be spending more time inside than outside, be that for pre-drinks, getting ready or the after parties.

Here is a layout example showing all our available sizes for both air beds and sleeping bags.

See our Tent's Size Guides HERE for more information!



As the saying goes, the early bird gets the worm, and boy does this apply more than ever at camping festivals! Not only will an eager arrival get you in first position, avoiding tedious queues made worse by the weight load of your belongings but you will have the freedom and the advantage of pitching in the best spot... close to the bar, the toilets, on the outside or pitched-perfectly centre stage, the field is your oyster!


There's a reason we think an Octopus would make a great festival companion... with just two arms, us humans often start and end festivals a little flustered or find ourselves having to take multiple trips from car to plot in order to carry all of our gear and personal belongings to our new temporary residence. This is where having a wagon or a trolley will come in use and help to save that energy for when it truly matters... the dance floor!

Top tip: Once all set up, use the frame of your trolley to hang a bin liner and keep your litter in one place. Trust us, a messy camping spot is never fun!


 With all the fun and thrills slowly being taken over by the dread of pack up and home time, the last thing you'll need is a mucky tent that you'll then have to unpack, dry & clean once home. Here are two protective items that will protect your tent from any muck and ensure it's fresh and ready for the next festival.

- Groundsheet protector:  This very handy underlay sheet has endless benefits, including increasing internal warmth, easier pitching (due to the sheet acting as a guide), and keeping your base free from rain and morning dew, which long-term reduces the risk of fabric mildew.
- Tent Protector Cover: Savvy lightweight sheets that protect your tent from water, UV damage, dirt and debris - all whilst adding a layer of warmth! If you 're looking to add a splash of colour, our Rainbow cover will make your festival experience all the brighter!

As the fields that were once completely vacant start to crowd with tents, you'll find yours becoming more and more camouflaged among the crowd. This is where it's wise to consider the post-rave you, who will be tripping over ropes in the dark aimlessly trying to remember where it was you pitched. Here are some ways to save 'future you'...

- Bring a flag: Flags are very lightweight and usually have poles that are compact, pitching one by your tent will stand taller than surrounding tents and help you to spot it from a mile away.

- Buy a bright tent: Immerse yourself in the world of colourful camping with a Rainbow or Harlequin print Bell Tent to stand out from the crowds... they also make amazing back drops for those festival snaps you'll be reminiscing over later.


We've all been there, just a few hours into your much needed sleep and BANG, before you know it you've been rudely and prematurely woken up, sweating, with the invasive bright sunlight beating through the fabric of your tent.

- Dark Inner tent  Ideal for also creating a designated separate sleeping area, these lightweight tent interior attachments which are available in dark shades will help to block out that unwanted morning brightness.

- Eye mask: Simple but effective... if you like a lay in when at festivals we hugely urge you to not forget this must have item. If you're feeling really sensible, opt for a cooling one to help knock that hangover on the head... literally!

- Reflective tent coverAs pointed out previously, this is a tent add-on that will add heaps of efficiency to your pack up routine as well as keeping the tent clean and dry, but with festivals in mind, Boutique Camping have taken it a step further an introduced a reflective version, which effectively reflects 90% of sunlight.


- Checklist: Those who prepare, conquer! Download Boutique Camping's free downloadable festival checklist to ensure nothing gets left behind.

- Mini speaker: Perfect for pre-partying before you take main stage.

- Spares: e.g: pegs & a guy rope.

- Battery Pack: to charge your phones and stay connected with friends. Charing stations can be pricey so it's worth investing in a good one that'll last.

- Refillable water bottle: Stay hydrated... and save bucks! Most festival bars will also pour beverages intro your bottles, which means no spillage and also a great safety precaution.

Kit bag: Whilst most tents come in bags, getting them back in (especially when done half hearted at the end of an exhausting festival) can be difficult, kit bags are great as they have more space to play around with and make packing up that bit easier. 

Remember, we're here to help and kickstart your festival fun, if you have any questions or are seeking advise on setting up at your next festival, get in touch...
Stay safe, have fun, make new friends and don't forget to tag us in your festival set ups!

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