Join the Fun and Share Your Festival Experience!

Calling all boutique camping tent owners! Are you heading to a festival this summer with your fabulous tent? We want YOU to get involved in our exciting takeover! Capture the magic of your festival adventure and share it with us in a fun reel video.

Here's some clips we're looking for in your festival takeover:

  • Pitching Your Tent: Show us how you set up your cozy boutique camping tent.
  • Camping Life: From getting dressed for the day to the tent talks & the new friends you make in your camping neighbours, we want to be immersed in the day-to-day tent shenanigans (PG rated of course!).
  • Festival Fun: Capture the vibrant atmosphere, from dancing to your favourite artists to grooving into the night.
  • Unique Moments: Share those special, unforgettable moments that make your festival experience unique.

How to Participate:

  1. Record a reel video or Tik Tok highlighting your festival and camping experience (must be at least 40% tent focused).
  2. Post your reel and tag us on Instagram or Tik Tok (or send it to
  3. If we approve, we'll add a artsy frame to your video and feature it on our story and add it to our dedicated 'Takeover' Instagram highlight for everyone to enjoy!

What You Get:

  • A FREE accessory for your next adventure! This could be a bed, an inner tent, some bunting, a tent cover, or even an upgraded bell tent... the possibilities are endless! Just remember, the better the video, the better the reward. 
  • An exclusive invitation to become an ambassador! Earn as you refer and share the joy of boutique camping with others.
  • Online exposure (only if you want it) as we'll tag you in the posted footage, giving you the recognition you deserve!

Don't miss out on this amazing opportunity to showcase your festival fun and enjoy fantastic rewards. Let's make this summer unforgettable together!

Example Script for Your Video:

  1. Start with a Greeting: "Hey everyone, it's [Your Name] at [Festival Name]!"
  2. Pitching Your Tent: Show a few clips of you setting up your boutique camping tent.
  3. Festival Highlights: Include exciting clips of you enjoying the festival – dancing, singing, and having a blast.
  4. Special Moments: Share any unique or memorable moments that made your experience extra special.
  5. Closing: "Thanks for watching! Can't wait for the next adventure!"

How to Submit Your Video:

  • Post your reel on Instagram or Tik Tok. Alternatively, you can send to but please note posting it to your feed will give you more kudos, therefore better prize in return!
  • Tag us @boutiquecamping and use the hashtag #BoutiqueCampingTakeover.

Get ready to create amazing memories and share the festival fun with our community. We can't wait to see your mini-movies! 🎉🌟

Contact Us: For any questions or more information, feel free to reach out to us via DM or email at

Happy Camping and Festival Fun!

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