In a world where sustainability and environmental consciousness are paramount, Boutique Camping is leading the way towards a greener future for outdoor enthusiasts. As we step into September, a month that beckons change and renewal, Boutique Camping is gearing up to make a significant impact on our planet's well-being.

With a steadfast commitment to becoming a 100% carbon-neutral company, we are excited to share three eco-conscious events that will define this month: Amazon Rainforest Day, World Cleanup Day, and Zero Emissions Day. In this blog, we invite you to join us on this eco-adventure and discover how you, as a passionate camper, can actively participate in preserving the natural wonders that serve as our temporary homes away from home. Together, let's pitch in to protect the very grounds we pitch our tents on.


Amazon Rainforest Day

Amazon Rainforest Day is an annual observance dedicated to raising awareness about the importance of the Amazon rainforest and its vital role in global environmental health.

The Amazon rainforest, often referred to as the "lungs of the Earth," is the world's largest tropical rainforest, spanning multiple countries in South America.
This day aims to highlight the significance of the Amazon in maintaining biodiversity, regulating the planet's climate, and providing essential resources for local communities and the world at large. It serves as a platform for education, advocacy, and action to address the challenges facing the Amazon, including deforestation, habitat loss, and climate change.

Ways To Support: 

- Support sustainable products - 30 Best Eco-Friendly Products to Help You Live More Sustainably.

- Advocate and raise awareness - Here's an Instagram story we've made for you to share!

- Choose eco-friendly tourism - Hipcamp are an amazing booking platform with the very best camping & glamping locations.

- Support indigenous rights - e.g Donate to Indigenous organisations like Cultural Survival. 

- Offset your carbon footprint - You can start by planting a tree for as little as £1 with us!

- Educate yourself - Take part in programmes here.

- Contribute financially - Why done make a one off donation to Cool Earth? 

- Reduce meat consumption - For inspo, check out tasty veggie recipes made on a Pizza Oven in our blog.

- Support conservation organisations - e.g The Rainforest Trust.

- Choose certified sustainable palm oil - see retailer scorecards here.

By taking these steps, you can contribute to the ongoing efforts to safeguard the Amazon rainforest and it's invaluable contributions to our planet's health and well-being. 


World Cleanup Day

World Cleanup Day is a global initiative dedicated to addressing the issue of waste and pollution by mobilising communities to participate in cleaning up their local environments. Held annually on the third Saturday of September, this day brings together millions of volunteers from around the world to pick up litter, remove trash from natural areas, and raise awareness about the importance of waste reduction and proper waste disposal. World Cleanup Day aims to inspire collective action, promote sustainable habits, and foster a sense of responsibility for the environment among individuals, communities, and organisations worldwide.

Ways To Support: 

- Provide supplies to clean up events - Pop National Trust an email, they'll be happy to accept any supplies for future clean ups.

- Document the cleanup - Your video could reach & inspire millions on a platform like Tik Tok, just remember to use relevant hashtags to get maximum exposure!

- Organise a clean up event - Even small groups can make a big difference, why not make your next family get together a little greener?

 - Support a coastal cleanup - Find beach clean up local to you here.

- Practice waste reduction - Learn how you can make small changes that are eco-friendly and will have a lasting impact here.

- Spread awareness - Here's an Instagram story we've made for you to share!


Zero Emissions Day

World Emissions Day serves as a global reminder of the urgent need to address and mitigate the emissions that contribute to climate change. Observed annually, this day emphasises the collective responsibility of individuals, industries, and governments to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and transition toward sustainable and renewable energy sources. By raising awareness about the impact of emissions on the environment and sharing actionable solutions, World Emissions Day aims to inspire widespread commitment to combatting climate change and creating a healthier, more sustainable future for generations to come.

Ways To Support: 

- Ditch the car, take public transport - You can easily plan your route on google maps.

- Reduce, reuse, recycle - Today & everyday!

- Support carbon offsetting - You can start by planting a tree for as little as £1 with us!

- Reduce energy consumption 

- Cut down on single-use plastics

- Conserve water

- Calculate your carbon footprint

- Support sustainable businesses

- Eat a plant-based meal

By participating in these activities, you can contribute to the global effort to reduce emissions and combat climate change, ultimately working towards a cleaner and more sustainable future!





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