Happy Pancake day campers!! We have brought you some amazing pancake recipes for this special day.

To celebrate  pancake day we wanted to bring you some really exciting pancake recipes. There is a recipe for everyone in the family. The health conscious, the kids, the camper and the savoury tooth.

Pancakes with maple syrup and butter

These pancakes with maple syrup and butter on top are a classic recipe. Why not try some today and enjoy it with your whole family.

Bear face pancakes with chocolate syrup and ice cream.

If your kids love pancake day, why not add a fun touch to the decoration and make them into a character they love.

Savoury pancakes, with a fried egg and spinach.

For those of you without a sweet tooth, why not try this savoury treat with a fried egg, tomatoes, parsley and spinach.

Whole-Grain Buttermilk Pancakes with cranberry garnish

So, your on a bit of a health kick, but pancakes sound too irresistible to pass. Why not try a healthier option with these whole-grain buttermilk pancakes, topped off with scrumptious cranberries.

Savory Herb Crepes With Hollandaise

Last but not least, these crepes with hollandaise sauce will be a showstopper at home. Spice up your day with this simple batter and creative filling.

Thank us later!!!

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