Our beautiful bell tents come in different sizes, and of course Boutique Camping is known for our amazing colour range.

Bell tents are a perfect and stylish addition, weather in a camping setting or as a more relaxed space that can be used as an extension to your home. On this bell tent guide we wanted to talk about all the different fabrics we offer, and how they will benefit you, should you choose to indulge in one of our beautiful tents.

100% Cotton Canvas 

Our Cotton canvas tents are made with 100% cotton. The Cotton Canvas is perfect for all occasions, and perfect for all weather eventualities as they are breathable. They are the more traditional fabric in a bell tent and the most popular option out of our range of fabrics.

Benefits of cotton canvas – The 100% cotton is soft, it’s made from natural fibres, and the fabric is breathable. This means that in the summer months the tents will keep you cool, and in the winter the fabric will keep you warm.

As the tents are made from a natural fibre, sun exposure can break fibres down and bleach the natural colour of the canvas. This is a natural effect on the material, although we have treated out cotton canvas tents with UV repellant to prevent this from occurring.

The cotton canvas bells can also be susceptible to rot, mould, and mildew. To minimise this issue, make sure that you look after the tent by reproofing the tent as often as it’s required.

If you are storing your bell tent long term, we suggest that you bring your tent out of storage every so often to check on the condition of the canvas. The cotton canvas bell tents will last you a long time if it’s looked after correctly.

The Oxford tent 

The Oxford Canvas is a unique fabric that exclusive to us, that is made from 100% man made fabric. We engineered the Oxford canvas tent to ensure that it looks and feels just like cotton. In fact the Oxford is noticeably lighter, waterproof and holds it’s colour longer must longer than the 100% cotton canvas. All this whilst being incredibly durable, resistant and waterproof.

The benefits of Oxford Canvas – The Oxford fabric is tremendously strong, it can hold colour better. It’s also robust against rot, mould or mildew, so using the tent for a long term pitch is perfect. This bell tent does it all, and the price will put a smile on your face as it’s much more affordable than the cotton canvas.

Polyester Bell Tent 

The polyester bell tent has been a great success story, because our customers absolutely love this tent. We simply delivered when we created a tent that has the same design and beauty of our cotton canvas tent, but in our lightweight polyester material Boutique Camping.

We know the Polyester tent is perfect for those occasional camping trips and festivals. It’s waterproof, much lighter than any of our other tents, it’s almost half the weight!! This makes it a lot easier to carry around with you. The polyester fabric drapes down to create that lovely, vintage-inspired silhouette outside and keep you covered.

Coloured tents 

The Poly-cotton fabric is part man made fabric, part natural fabric. They are a mix of natural cotton with polyester. Benefit of Poly-cotton fabric is that it can hold colour much better than the 100% cotton canvas and it holds UV better. The fabric is much stronger and it’s also a breathable material.

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