component checklist:

get to know your luna bell tent

At Boutique Camping, our tents come equipped with a range of features meticulously crafted to enhance your outdoor living moments. The better acquainted you become with these attributes, the more enjoyable and comfortable your camping adventure will be.

plot preparation and pitch perfection

achieving pitch perfection:

once it's up:

waterproofing & leak prevention:

how to pitch your luna bell tent

Follow the steps below to get your Luna Bell Tent (Oxford) pitch-perfect!

tent matting
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pole table
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packing & storing your luna bell tent

step one:

1a. Remove all pegs and poles. You can use your hands, a peg extractor or even another peg.

1b. If pegs are dirty, clean before putting them back in their bag.

1c. Keep the canvas on top of the groundsheet + not in contact with the grass/ground.

step two:

2a. Without standing on the canvas, fold then tent in half + back on itself.

2b. Your tent should now resemble a half moon shape.

step three:

3a. Bring the curved edge back on itself so that you are left with a rectangle.

3b. Then, fold it in half lengthways.

step four:

4a. Smoothing + releasing any trapped air as you go, begin to tightly roll the tent forwards.

4b. Once completed, use the straps to secure the rolled up tent + place back into the provided tent bag.

cleaning & reproofing your tent