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Introducing Katy, the visionary behind 'The Lazy T' Luxurious Glamping Retreat nestled in the picturesque North York Moors National Park. With a passion for creating unforgettable experiences amidst nature's embrace, Katy's discerning eye for luxury and comfort sets her retreat apart.

Today, she graciously shares her insights on Boutique Camping's latest innovation: the 'Glamping Wood Burning Stove', which she has installed into several of the grounds most iconic and impressive structures including 'Creekside' a Nova Air Dome Tent and 'Secret valley Cottage'. Let's delve into her firsthand experience and expert opinion, unveiling how this innovative addition enhances the allure of glamping at 'The Lazy T.'

Boutique Camping: Tell us a bit about yourself and the Lazy T?

Katy, Lazy T: We are Katy and Skot an we have built and run our Woodland, streamside glamping retreat on my family farm in North Yorkshire. We’re lucky enough to be in a really stunningly beautiful valley, filled with woodland, wild flowers, a babbling brook and loads of amazing wildlife. We have two cabins and two nova dome tents. I also teach foraging and run wild food supper clubs at our site. 

Boutique Camping: Where on site do you have wood burning stoves installed and what is the importance of having them?

Katy, Lazy T: Our Nova Dome tents - which are open April - October, have woodburners and they are so effective. Even on a really chilly night it is warm in the tent within 15mins of putting them on. Guests love them because they also add a really amazing cosy ambience in the tents.
 I’m also installing two into our events tent that we are setting up this summer, really looking forward to seeing how they do at heating up a bigger space.

Boutique Camping: How did you find setting up the Glamping Wood Burning Stove

Katy, Lazy T: So easy peasy to set up. I’m always a bit nervous cutting through the fabric of the tent to get the flashing in but I’ve actually never had any problem with it, other than my nerves.The rest is so simple, and effective. 

Thinking of installing a stove in your tent like Katy? Here's a demo video to guide you!

Boutique Camping: How was the heat output and the burn time?

Katy, Lazy T: Really easy to light, and control with airflow and warms the space up a treat.

Boutique Camping: Do you take any extra safety precautions with structures that have stoves, i.e heat mats, fire extinguishers?

Katy, Lazy T: We have fire extinguishers and smoke and CO detectors in all our sites. We also put a tile hearth under the burners because we prefer the look of that to the heat mats and they stay in place for 7 months so we don't need them to be too portable.

Boutique Camping: What do you like best about the The Glamping Stove?

Katy, Lazy T: I love the look of it and also how easy it is to set up.

 We have had the pleasure of visiting and staying over at The Lazy T. If you're looking for an off-grid luxury experience, in either a fully furnished glamping tent or cosy cabin, with the kindest and most accommodating hosts ensuring your stay is as peaceful and serene as the private pathways that surround, we urge you treat yourself by booking a night or two 

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  • John

    looks amazing, I cant wait to use mine.
    Boutique Camping:
    Let us know how you get on, we can’t wait to see the set up!

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