Boutique Camping x Wild Cycles: National Bike Week - The Perfect Base for Cycling Adventures

Welcome to the world of Boutique Camping, where luxury meets the great outdoors! If you love cycling and camping, our friends at Wild Cycles meticulously combines these passions to create unforgettable adventures. Boutique camping offers a cozy, stylish, and comfortable base for your cycling trips, allowing you to fully immerse yourself in nature while enjoying all the comforts of home. In this blog, we'll explore how Boutique Camping can enhance your cycling experience and provide tips for planning the perfect trip, especially during National Bike Week.

What is National Cycling Week & who are Wild Cycles?

National Cycling Week, which this year takes place from June 10th to June 16th, is a celebration of all things cycling. Cycling is a fantastic way to stay active, improve cardiovascular health, and explore the great outdoors. Grab your bikes, hit the trails, and enjoy a scenic ride with your dad.

Wild Cycles is a family-run business, passionate about cycling and creating memorable experiences. They love the freedom that it provides and believe that it's the best way of discovering the spectacular UK countryside.

Why not book on to one of their unforgettable experiences which include back to back stays in our Classic Bell Tent, pitched and furnished for you along the route? Check out what we got up to when we booked on to 'The Wild King Alfred's Way' route!

If you're planning a self-catering camping & cycling trip, look for campgrounds with accessible biking trails. This way, you can combine the joy of camping with the thrill of cycling, making for an adventurous and healthy Father's Day celebration.

Why Boutique Camping is Perfect for Cyclists

1. Comfort After a Long Ride: After a long day of peddling through breathtaking landscapes, there's nothing quite like returning to a cozy, well-equipped tent. Boutique camping provide a variety of designs in a range of fabrics that focus on practicality and comfort. While the Classic Bell Tent is a top pick for no-fuss, quick pitching, the Tucana tent in particular is perfect for those seeking a little more outdoor living luxury... An integrated porch are to store your bikes, a roomy 5x4m interior that allows you plenty of standing and stretching space for those post-ride aches, mesh windows, & much more!

2. Proximity to Nature: Boutique camping in stunning natural settings, offer immediate access to trails, parks, and scenic routes. This means you can start your day with the sunrise, hopping on your bike straight from your tent to explore nearby trails.

3. Unique and Memorable Experiences: Whether it's a Luna Bell Tent in the mountains, a Star Bell tent by the beach, or a Nova Air Dome in the forest. These unique accommodations can make your trip even more memorable, adding a touch of magic to your cycling adventures.

Planning Your Boutique Camping and Cycling Trip

1. Celebrate National Bike Week: National Bike Week is the perfect opportunity to embark on a boutique camping and cycling adventure. This annual celebration promotes cycling and encourages everyone to get out and ride. Check for local events, group rides, and special activities happening during Bike Week to enhance your trip. Participating in Bike Week events can also be a great way to meet fellow cycling enthusiasts and discover new routes.

2. Choose Your Destination: Research locations that offer great cycling routes and boutique camping options. Consider national parks, coastal areas, or mountainous regions, depending on your cycling preferences and skill level. Look for destinations with a mix of trails to suit various levels of difficulty and scenery.

3. Pack Smart: When packing for a boutique camping cycling trip, prioritize lightweight and multi-functional gear. Ensure you have the essentials:

  • Cycling Gear: Helmet, gloves, cycling shoes, and comfortable clothing.
  • Camping Gear: While boutique tents provide many comforts, don't forget basics like a headlamp, portable charger, and personal toiletries.
  • Repair Kit: Basic bike repair tools, spare tubes, and a pump.

4. Plan Your Routes: Map out your cycling routes before your trip. Research the terrain, distance, and difficulty level of each trail. Consider using cycling apps like Komoot to track your rides and discover popular routes recommended by other cyclists.

5. Fuel Up: Cycling requires energy, so plan your meals and snacks accordingly. Boutique campsites often provide wood burning stoves and pizza ovens to make your cooking facilities & dining options all a part of your camping set up. Pack high-energy snacks like nuts, fruits, and energy bars to keep you fueled on the go.

Enhancing Your Experience

1. Embrace the Outdoors: Take advantage of the beautiful surroundings by incorporating other outdoor activities into your trip. Go for a hike, take a swim in a nearby lake, or simply enjoy a sunset stroll. These activities can complement your cycling adventures and provide a well-rounded outdoor experience.

2. Socialise with Fellow Campers: Camping sites often attract like-minded outdoor enthusiasts. Take the opportunity to connect with fellow campers, share cycling tips, and perhaps even plan group rides. The communal aspect of camping can add a fun and social element to your trip.

3. Capture the Memories: Don't forget to document your adventures. Whether through photography, journaling, or video, capturing your journey allows you to relive the experience and share it with others. Plus, it’s a great way to inspire others to embark on their own boutique camping and cycling trips.

Boutique camping offers the perfect blend of comfort and adventure for cycling enthusiasts. By choosing a unique and cozy base camp, you can fully immerse yourself in the beauty of the outdoors while enjoying the thrill of exploring new cycling routes. With thoughtful planning and a spirit of adventure, your boutique camping and cycling trip can become an unforgettable journey. So pack your gear, saddle up, and get ready to create lasting memories in the great outdoors, especially during National Bike Week! Happy cycling and camping!

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