In the realm of outdoor adventures, Boutique Camping's story unfolds, igniting in 2010 with its inception. Born from a passion for camping and a vision to redefine outdoor experiences, our journey commenced. Since then, we've been pioneering the fusion of style and functionality in camping gear. From luxurious bell tents to innovative camping accessories, our offerings cater to the diverse needs of modern campers. With a commitment to quality and innovation, Boutique Camping has become synonymous with excellence in the camping industry. Our journey is woven with tales of exploration, innovation, and a dedication to enhancing the camping experience for adventurers worldwide. Join us as we continue to push boundaries, inspire outdoor enthusiasts, and write the next chapter in the story of Boutique Camping. As we forge ahead, camping evolves into a luxurious, stylish, and unforgettable experience, setting new standards in outdoor living.


It all started in the Summer of 2010... After years of underwhelming, unsuccessful and frustrating camping trips, we've all had them let's face it, it took founders and committed festival goers, Ollie and Fiaz, one last soggy camping disaster to come to a pivotal eureka moment...Why camp basic when you can camp Boutique?