component checklist:

get to know your nova air dome

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plot preparation and pitch perfection

achieving pitch perfection:

once it's up:

waterproofing & leak prevention

how to pitch a nova air dome tent

Follow the steps below to get your Nova Air Dome pitch-perfect!

step one:

1a: Unpack your tent + lay it out with the groundsheet floor facing.

1b. Make sure the ground is flat + free from sharp objects.

1c. Find the door + rotate to face the desired direction.

step two:

2a. Keeping the tent fabric on top of the base, stretch out the groundsheet to form a circle.

2b. Locate the elastic rings + thread the standard pegs (smooth) through the ring + the metal eyelet to fix your base to the ground.

2c. Spread the straps + use the buckles to shorten each rope to approx. 1m in length.

step six:

6a. Once fully inflated, zip the door closed + insert the flexi pole through the sleeve.

6b. Complete this step by using the metal pins to secure the pole into place.

6c. Using the Rebar pegs (grooved) peg out x2 guy ropes attached to the doorway.

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packing & storing your nova air dome tent

step one:

1a. Unscrew the external valves to release air.

1b. Remove the flexidoorpole + pegs, if necessary, give them a clean + towel drybefore packing away.

1c. Keep the canvas on top of the
groundsheet so that it doesn't come into contact with wet or dirty grounds.

step two:

Without standing on the canvas, fold the tent in half +back on itself so that it resembles a half moon shape.

step three:

bring the curved edge back on itself (so you are left with a rectangle) + then fold it in half lengthways.

step four:

Smoothing & releasing any trapped air as you go, begin to tightly roll the
tent forwards.

Once completed, use the straps to
secure the rolled up tent before placing back in bag.

cleaning & reproofing your tent