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About Boutique Camping

Originality– From the day we started Boutique Camping in 2010 we have aimed to bring a fresh approach to camping, bringing a little colour to your camp (#colourfulcamping). We are always looking for new ideas and new products - so your feedback and ideas are always more than welcome.

Exclusivity- With an avid understanding of our customers needs & desires, we work hard to constantly consider & evolve new design ideas which ensure uniqueness, usability, practicality & creativity. Our exclusive designs & renown high quality are two pivotal factors which help to separate us from competitors, and copy-cat brands in the industry. We are proud to have 8+ exclusive and patent protected designs which can only be shopped via Boutique Camping. Each design boasts a unique capsule of innovative design features which aim to exceed any camper expectation.

Quality – We source only the best components we can find to make our products, and would not accept anything less. We also ensure that year on year, we are constantly improving based on our customer comments and feedback.

Excellent Customer Service– Whilst we are only a small company, we ensure that our offices are manned 9am-5pm (GMT) Monday to Friday. We have a dedicated Customer service team in order to help you with any query or problem you may have.

Years of Development– We are always improving our tents and over the years we have upgraded every part of our Bell tents - from zips to our centre poles, even the actual canvas weave. We are more than happy with the outcome, but we are always looking for the next means of improvement.

As well as our very own patent protected range, we offer the best value & quality Bell Tents on the market, manufactured by our own factory, exclusively for us. The tents we manufacturer and sell are all built to the highest quality standards. We have had many upgrades and improvements over the years, derived from both our own testing and our customers' feedback. These include:

• Canvas treated with colour fast, UV, mould and rot and water repellent

• Sharper, stronger upgraded pegs

• Even thicker, stronger 5mm guy ropes

• 32mm centre poles, with 1.2mm thick steel (35mm on the 6m and 7m)

• Secondary mosquito door

• Upgraded stronger carry bag with length way zipper

• Free spares bag with every tent

• Upgraded, high-quality mallet

• Brand new sizes, catering for all requirements

• All in our upgraded custom Boutique Camping extra strong packaging

• Extra tall & wide doorways

• New savvy 'Webbing Strap' guy rope replacements

Reviews of Boutique Camping can be found on Trustpilot. If a product has been reviewed, this will be shown on the product page.

If you would like to leave us a review on Trustpilot, we would really appreciate it!

Unfortunately, we are an e-business (online only) and do not have a showroom for products to be viewed.

Our warehouse is located in Clacton On Sea and is open weekdays 9-5pm. We do not promote a collection service, but in the case of an emergency MAY be able to accomodate this. To enquire about this, please get in touch by call or via info@boutiquecamping.com so we can liaise with our warehouse team.

We have previously hosted live events where our tents, stoves & accessories are showcased for trade & public to see. Stay tuned to our social media accounts for updates on future events.

About our products

Depending on the design & size you opt for, pitching our tents can take anything from 5-45 minutes.

We have designed our tents to be as easy-pitch as possible, reducing poles where not needed, adding a shippable groundsheet, and providing both written guides and visual videos instructions to help you.

Whilst it’s possible for 1 person to erect our tents, for tents 6m+, featuring multi-doors, or are air structured, we advise having an extra pair of hands to help as the weight or balancing of the poles may be a little tricky. 

Bell tents in general are designed to be used for leisurely purposes, we don't recommend erecting them as a permanent structure. However, many of our customers with glamping sites do use our tents throughout the summer months without any problems. It’s still very important to keep in mind that bell tents are not specifically designed as long term structures. Please note that if you do want to have the tents set up as long term structures, it's really important to clean and reproof as often as required.

We recommend to clean and reproof every 4-6 weeks. All of our bell tents have been treated with a waterproofing agent on them which will cause the water on the surface to ‘bead’ after a downpour.

You will literally see beads of water forming on the outer surface of the canvas. When it is time to reproof, you will notice that the water no longer beads, and that the bell tent retains the moisture in the canvas for longer.

Also please keep in mind that bell tents in general are not designed for extreme weather conditions as all the weight and tension is taken by the centre pole. We have made this as robust as possible, however you will need to make sure the guy ropes are equally tensioned, and the centre pole is straight to ensure the best performance.

Our Cotton & Polycotton Tents have been treated with an effective waterproofing agent which will cause the water on the surface to naturally ‘bead’ after a downpour. You will literally see beads of water forming on the outer surface of the canvas. Over time you may notice the beading not being as effective and instead find that the fabric is absorbing the water, this indicates it may be time to reproof (re-waterproof) your tent. You can find out how to do this in our Tent Maintenance Guide.

Bell Tents are not designed for extreme weather conditions, proceeding to pitch in high winds exceeding 40mph, or heavy snow fall which will sit on the fabric for long periods are likely to damage the tent as all the weight and tension is taken by one centre point, the centre pole.

We hae ensured poles, ropes, fabric, and pegs are as hardwearing as possible, but it's important, particulary in heavy rain or wind to make sure the guy ropes are equally tensioned, and the centre pole is straight to ensure your tent is as strong as it can be.

More information can be found here.

Check with the land owner on the best places to pitch. They will understand how their land fairs during different weather. The ideal site is flat and well-drained with short grass on a sound soil structure. Avoid areas which are prone to flooding. Avoid pitching under trees. Pitching under a tree and in woodlands can present problems:

• Falling leaves- left on the canvas to get wet can cause discolouration and degradation of the canvas beneath;

• Bird droppings- birds like to rest in trees and leave deposits on your Bell Tent;

• Falling debris from the tree- can penetrate the canvas;

• Mould and mildew formation- can be accelerated in woodland conditions, as it is here (damp, moist conditions) that mould and fungus can thrive.

The wind direction should also be taken into consideration. Try to pitch with the back of your tent facing the wind. This will help to conduct the wind over the Tent rather than up against it. An uneven pitch will place uneven tension on the canvas, poles and other components, as will an overly exposed pitch.

Once you have selected a good spot, before pitching remove any stones and loose debris that may cause damage to the groundsheet or discomfort underfoot.

More tips on achieving pitch perfection can be found here.

It's vital that both the canvas (or polyester) and the groundsheet must be BONE DRY before paxking & storing away. This process can be spead up by unzipping the groundsheet and hanging separately.

Never keep your packed Tent stored away wet or damp for longer than two days otherwise fungus can affect the canvas which will create little black irremovable dots. The canvas has been impregnated with anti-fungal treatments, but this will not be effective if your tent is not stored dry.

When storing your tent, make sure the space is dry, leak protected and where minimal condensation occours.

Please also be mindful of spaces where rodents may enter, you'd be surprised by their appeitite for Boutique Camping tents!

Need to tackle a singular mark? Is your tent in need of an all over deep clean? No matter the enormity of the job ahead, correct application using our Nikwax cleaning agents will give your tent the new lease of life it deserves!

We advise pitching first, mixing the solution with water and then using a sponge, stuff brush, and then a mop for the hard to reach areas to tackle any dirt / marks.

For a professionally done job, there are many canvas cleaning companies out there, however this can be expensive. You can find a local company by googling tent, awning or boat cleaning / repair services. Companies we have used and recommend are: 




We offer tents in six different material variations of: cotton, polycotton & oxford (polyester). Each of these materials have their advantages - you can find out more from our Fabrics page.

When considering the size of tent you need, there are 3 factors to consider:

Pitching space: Each tent requires a minimum of 2m additional floor space to ensure the guy ropes are secure. If you're buying a tent for an upcoming festival, for your garden, or for a popular campsite, you may be limited with space so please enquire with the site, or measure your available space before hand.

Tent size: Depending on how many camping companions you intend sleeping in the tent, whether they'll be sleeping on mats or fully sized sized OR your interior dressing intention, the rules on sizing will vary, but please use our general guide below to assess:

3m: 1-2 people sleeping
4m: 3-4 people sleeping
5m: 5-6 people sleeping
6m: 7-8 people sleeping
7m: 9-10 people sleeping
8m: 11+ people sleeping

We've recently updated our size guide page, you'll find more useful information here.

Head space: If you want to avoid 'campers-stoop' and ensure your tent space is as comfortable as possible, we've created a range of tents that feature high walls to allow you to make the most of your home-away-from-home space. We recommend The Luna Bell, The Tucana Tent or The Nova Tent.

Our cotton & polycotton tents are suitable for use with our wood burnging stoves. We would not recommend fitted stoves being used in our Oxford (polyester tents).

For full fire retardancy, we would recommend our Cotton 320gsm, which has been treated with a BS approved fire retarding agent. You’ll find the option to have a fitted stove hole in many of our tents available in this fabric. When using a stove in your tent, we always recommend a stove mat and also having a carbon monoxide alarm to hand to ensure maximum safety. Please never leave a lit stove unattended, especially if young children or dogs are present. Boutique Camping accept no responsibility for the use or misuse of our stoves.

This option has been added for a number of reasons:

• Linking other Bell Tents together

• Extra head room

• Ease of airing your tent without having to roll the sides up.


Delivery to any mainland UK address is next day if the order is placed before 1pm on a week day.

Delivery to the rest of Europe is 3-5 days. Deliveries further afield are also very quick, especially considering the size of our tents! If you have any enquiries regarding shipping times, please check our Delivery Page or contact us.

We can ship our glamping gear anywhere in the world. If your shipping Zone is not covered in our delivery page, please email us your destination country and zip code, along with your desired item(s) and we will provide you with a bespoke shipping quote.

Due to occupational health & safety (OHS) regulations at our warehouses we are unable to facilitate pickups of our tents. All orders must be delivered using our extensive courier network.

Freight costs include full insurance - if you did encounter any shipping issues, our customer service team would be more than happy to investigate and sort this for you.

We strongly recommend someone being available to accept delivery as we use a secure courier who requires a signature as proof of receipt. For your convenience, we recommend having your order sent to your work address if being at home during business hours is not an option.

Customer service

All of our Tents come with a 12-month warranty against manufacturing defects. We do not cover damage that is not the result of a manufacturing defect. Wear and tear is not covered.

If there is a problem with you tent or product you have bought from us please send us a photograph with a description and your order details. Our highly committed after-sales department is available to help you with any queries after your purchase, and will resolve the matter as quickly as possible for you.

We accept a number of different payment methods including most credit/debit cards (including American Express), PayPal, Amazon Pay, Apple Pay, BACS and V2 (our finance provider). We are also able to take order over the phone or provide proforma invoices for orders.

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