Canvas Tent Stoves & Pizza Ovens

Invest in a woodburning tent stove to enjoy savvy and stylish heating solutions. A tent with a stove is perfect for creative cooking and amplifying ambiances during your next outdoor adventure. Our camping wood stoves can be used both in and outside of your canvas tent: simply ignite the flame and enjoy ultra-cozy glamping with our versatile range of portable and pizza-perfecting woodburning stoves! Shop the full range of camping tent stoves at Boutique Camping today.

A quality camping wood stove will instantly elevate your campout to a luxury glamping trip, allowing you to get cozy under the stars (or in the comfort of your tent) and cook up a storm. Our wood burning pizza oven has been exclusively designed by our team and is incredibly versatile. As well as making perfect pizza in just four minutes, it also features a stove top that doubles as a hob, plus side grills for warming or toasting.

If you’ve found the wood burning tent stove you were looking for, take your campsite cooking up a notch with our range of tent stove accessories. Here you’ll find handy pieces
like a pizza shovel, stove heat mats, and water heaters, all designed to make mealtimes a breeze. We also stock tent stove spares in case of any loss or damage to your cooking equipment. Complete your camping set-up with even more of our tent add-ons, camping essentials, and accessories like bedding and lighting.

Invest in one of Boutique Camping’s tent stoves today. And don’t forget to explore our range of canvas tents to complete your glamping set up.