Wood Burning Stove & Pizza Oven Accessories

Browse the collection of tent wood burning stove and pizza oven accessories available at Boutique Camping and elevate your campsite mealtimes with extra safety, innovation, and cooking creativity. Complete your stove set up with some compatible and convenient tools before igniting that flame, and don’t forget, you’ll get 10% off accessories when buying with one of our woodburning tent stoves or pizza ovens!

We stock a broad range of tent stove accessories to choose from, so whether you’re looking for a pizza shovel to serve up your masterpiece or tent stove mats to protect your groundsheet from damage, we’ve got you covered. For instance, here you’ll find a canvas tent stove flashing kit, which is essential for ensuring a well-ventilated polycotton, cotton, or fire retardant hot tent. Check out our video tutorial for help installing the flashing kit.

Here you’ll also find useful everyday accessories like our wood stove water heater, which attaches to our Original Pizza Oven and Pizza Oven Plus to create a savvy little kettle that holds up to a gallon of water, reaching boiling point within 25 minutes. We also have a tent stove mat in stock, ideal for protecting decking or grass outdoors while using your stove.

Shop the range of camping stove accessories Boutique Camping today. And don’t
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