Brand New Star Bell Tent

Star Bell tent

The Star bell tent is our brand new and beautiful tent designed by Boutique Camping. It’s one of the most luxurious and unique, not to mention eye catching bell tent design ever.

Star bell tent

Exclusive to us, this 5m Boutique Camping Star bell tent comes in a classic Sandstone colour. The  eye-catching, yet comforting bell tent, will feel like you’re at home whilst camping. The tent has been designed to bring you the most innovative features that would improve our classic bell tent.

Integrated Canopy

Our Star bell tent is perfect for the UK weather as it has an integrated canopy. There is no longer a need to take extra time to erect a canopy alongside our tent for those rainy days. Boutique Camping has revolutionised the way you pitch your bell tent with our unique webbing feature.

Star bell tent

You may have noticed that we got rid of the guy ropes and sliders on the sides of the tent.  We found that the sliders can sometimes loose tension and make your tent appear misshaped. Instead, we have only used 3 guy ropes at the door entrance to reinforce our new bendy pole for the canopy. We have added the webbing around key points on the tent, this way it’s much more sturdy even in the highest winds.


Introducing, our very own  360 netting in our star bell tent. You will now be able to look outside and keep dry on wet summer days, and still be able to create extra air circulation when it gets a little warmer, without creepy crawlies entering your tent. You can now truly enjoy the view of your location with our 360 netting.

Star bell tent

At the base, you’ll find a heavy-duty zipped-in ground sheet that gives you the option to unzip and roll up the sides. The 360 netting is shielding you while you lounge and letting the air flow in and around you. Furthermore, you’ll also be kept cool and comfortable thanks to the four zipped windows and air vents at the top. Every one of these tents is made from 100% natural as well as breathable cotton canvas so you won’t be waking up in a sweat.


In front, there’s a secondary mosquito net door behind the main door. 35 mm centre pole made with aluminium, holds the robust whole structure together. This makes the tent much lighter to carry, yet sturdy enough for strong winds. We’ve included extra-strong pegs that won’t bend, making this tent sturdy in windy weather and bad conditions.

Star Bell tent

Why not have a good look here if you would like to find out more information on our start tent. Don’t wait to get yourself ready for this Camping season with the Star bell tent!

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