When darkness approaches, temperatures plummet and the wet weather descends, you may be tempted to keep those summer-staycays as just a distant memory (until next year obvs!)… Our Boutique-Bible to Cozy-Camping is by no means for the faint hearted, but instead for the fearless spirits not quite ready to hang up the guy ropes!


Whether you’re a solo adventurist or one part of a larger group of camping companions, you’ll find that pitching in the winter comes with an influx of heart-warming rewards set to give you an overwhelming sense of achievement, camping-confidence and an overall healthy mindset ready for your return to that fast-moving, hectic lifestyle of yours…


Whilst we’re all for promoting spontaneity, and adventures without limits, to get you all set for your escapade we’re happy to admit that camping in the cold eminently requires a more proactive approach than when venturing out in the kinder seasons of the year.


Remember, the amount of daylight can be drastically reduced in the colder months, and even as pros, pitching in the dark is certainly not a vibe! So, take this as your reminder to get that set-up and pack-down slot scheduled in!


If you’re reading this, then you’ll know this is not to find out what the best time to top up your tan is (although that Insta-worthy autumnal golden hour is certainly not to be missed!) This is for the itinerary obsessed, hoping to whizz through a bucket list of to-dos on their trip, so that they can prioritise their out-of-tent endeavours. For example, Hiking? Mark this in on a day with minimal wind… A day capturing scenic horizons? Best get this scheduled on a day the clouds are at bay… Taking the little one on a puddle-splashing bear hunt… well yeah, you get the gust, oops, jist!


Since the popularity of glamping emerged and rise of staycations rocketed, one of the most sought for perks affiliated with crisp-camping is the rare luxury of pitching in spacious, tranquil and unpopulated destinations. However, whilst you may be hopeful of returning to that awesome place you visited last summer, we advise not letting the off-season quietness trick you into falsely channeling with your impulsive side – many sites do temporarily close, so research, hit them up, book, just be sure before you go!


If you’re still up for the exhilarating challenge, (yeahhh you are!!!) you may be asking yourself if new glamping gear, accessories and belongings are required… read on to have your camping-query answered… and hey, welcome to the squad!


You’ll find that resilience doesn’t just come from within the camper, but from the quality and choice of equipment chosen to host their winter-staycations in. Whilst savvy add-ons such as Matting, Protectors and Canopies build strong foundations at the set-up stage, savvy post-pitch extras such as stove installations will really be the hashtag in #happycamping – for days, weeks or even months! Most importantly though, it all comes down to your base, your temporary place to call home, your canvas-castle, your… okay you get it, your tent! With 5 fabric options on choice, for the winter-wonderers seeking a toasty-time, we would advise rearing towards the thicker options, such as Canvas 285gsm or Fire Retardant Cotton. Why not kill two birds with one stone and opt for a tent already equipped with a stylish stove hole & flap?

1. Fire Retardant Tent  From £509
2. Tent Stove – From £129
3. Insulating Matting  From £19
4. Logs & Fire Lighters – From £9
5. Stove Kettle – From £89
6. Canopy/Awning – From £75
7. Camp Bed – £119
8. Roll Up Mattress  From £99
9.Groundsheet Protector  From £35


Remember that list from section 1 of the blog, well here is where we really put pen to paper! Don’t worry, lots of items will be found in your wardrobe or around the house, just remember to pack accordingly to your luggage options and transport methods.

• A good quality sleeping bag – in colder months you’ll benefit from this being on a raised bed instead of the floor
• Torch, lantners and plenty of batteries
• Fleeces, base-layers, jumpers, jackets etc- TIP! Look for breathable, waterproof and insulating fabrics
• Hat, scarf & gloves
• Blankets & throws – layering allows you to regulate your heat, they make your interior super glam & inviting too!
• Hiking boots or wellies – TIP! Unlike summer advice, keep these inside of your tent, preferably clean. If they’re too muddy to bring inside, located two sicks pitch them outside of your tent and hang your boots on them upside down!
• Spares! – From batteries to socks, to pegs and ropes, if you have space, pack it!


On any day of the year, it’s vital your tent is set up correctly. Please follow the instructions provided with your tent and follow our checklist below. Alternatively you can find instruction videos on our YouTube Channel.

Pitching in unforgiving weather requires a little more proactive practicality and consideration when it comes to where and how to pitch, click the button below to reveal our savvy-secrets and hooray-worthy hacks!


Your out-of-season getaway may forever be a cloud away from facing a torrential down pour, BUT under that trusted coated-canvas and behind those beautifully boutique-branded zips lies a humble abode happy to accommodate you come rain or shine! It’s on these unfaceable days you’ll appreciate having some in-tent entertainment at hand, here are some of our favourite and low budget time-passers…

• Movie night – Click HERE for a recommended projector!
• Board games, puzzles & cards
• Books, magazine, colouring books for kids
• Pamper party – Face masks, mini manicures, we’re glamping after all
• Get some well deserved rest!
• Meditate and practice well-being like yoga


Reaching heats up to 400°c, our range of stoves will turn up the heat and be the start, middle, and end highlight of your next wet & wild adventure! Whether warming your tent, toasting marshmallows, baking pizza or cooking up a storm is your main objective when installing a stove, when it’s cold outside, it’s time to camp cosy and heat things up inside! Here are some tips & hacks for keeping warm…

• Get a multi-functional stove – As featured above the Pizza Oven Plus will heat your tent whilst allowing you to cook simultaneously on it’s 5-in-1 functions!
• Layer underneath, not just over the top
• Shake your sleeping bag before getting tucked in – releasing any air pockets
• Use lithium batteries – perform consistently better in cold conditions
• Add a kettle to your stove order! – Great for making hot drinks & filling hot water bottles
• Prioritise keeping feet and hands warm, so socks and gloves in an abundance!
•Don’t go to sleep in all your layers, if anything keep it as minimal as possible, you’ll want to layer up when you step out of your cocoon in the AM


Three words often associated with the dreaded closing scene of your movie like adventure… GRUBBY, CHAOTIC, STRESSFUL! Whilst it’s never a particular fun task, theres a big difference between doing it right and doing it wrong, here are some tips to a fearless farewell.

• Use your initial check lists to pack – ensuring you leave nothing behind.
• Thoroughly air out your tent before pack-down – (open air windows and doorways)
• Give your tent a good sweep & clean – Tackle any mud marks sooner rather than later!
• Pack any wet or damp belongings in plastic bags – please go eco where you can
• Before packing and storing away your tent always, always, always ensure the fabric & groundsheet are BONE DRY

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