Bell tents are our bread and butter here at Boutique Camping, so we like to think that we know all things bell tent. Over the years we have developed our own style, and our own way of doing things especially when it comes to erecting bell tents.

We wanted to ensure that you, our trusted friends knew all the best tips and tricks of the trade. But then we thought, that it might have been too easy to compile a list of do’s and don’ts. Instead, we decided to conduct a survey and ask some bell tent lovers and trusted bell tent advocates form all over the wold. The response was staggering, we were inundated with fantastic tips all on erecting a bell tents.

Here are the some of the best tips on erecting a bell tent;


  • First clear the area of anything that may damage the groundsheet of your bell tent.
  • Lay out the groundsheet as flat as possible
  • Starting from the centre, place smaller pegs in the groundsheet eyelets making sure the groundsheet stays equally distanced from each peg point.
  • There should be no saggy sections of the groundsheet, so adjust as you go along.
  • Place the centre pole into position, making sure the loop for the light is at the top.
  • Make sure the pole is in the centre of the tent and is as straight as possible.


  • Next, place the A-frame into position.
  • *Top tip* Close to all the zips before starting to peg out and tension the guys ropes.
  • Now peg out the guy ropes following the line of the seams on the tent.
  • Try and avoid over stretching the doorway, this will just make it difficult closing the zips when the tent is fully tensioned.
  • Once the door way is pegged out go round the tent following the seam-lines.


  • To tension the guy ropes, make sure all zips are closed, and tension the central door rope first. Then either side of the door, following the line of the seams, just as you did in the previous section.
  • If one section seems loose or tight minor adjustments on other sections may help solve the problem.

Practice makes perfect guys!

If you now any more tips you’d like to share or if you think you have the best technique for erecting a bell tent then let us know. Get in touch with us via email on or on any of our social media sites. We are on FacebookTwitter & Instagram, so don’t hesitate and simply get in touch for a chance to have your brilliant tips shared with the world.

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