Introducing the LuvTub!

It’s fair to say that bell tents are our first love here at Boutique Camping. But this coming summer we have a feeling that the Luvtub will be tugging at our heart stings and yours too.

We are proud to bring to you the Naked flame Luvtub. The beautifully handcrafted hot tub, is made from premium wood with stainless steel. This impressive hot tub has an extraordinary durability and resistance to decay.

They LuvTub is the first choice of wood in areas with severe winters and hot summers. This makes them perfect to use all year round in your garden without much maintenance, and it assures that the tub will serve you for many years to come remaining trouble free and beautiful.

The LovTub is the purchase of a lifetime, as it will last you 20years + without the need for additional protectants. This hot tub is very economical to heat, and of course very beautiful to look at. 

If you have any more questions about the LuvTub feel free to give us a call or send us an email on  You’ll only find more information on our website. Click here to make your order today!



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