Boutique Camping Supports Malawi!!!

Boutique Camping is excited to collaborate with the Love Support Unite foundation, in their latest initiative in empowering communities to change their own lives.

Love Support Unite is a dynamic charity that aims to permanently lift communities out of poverty, through sustainable developments. We have recently collaborated with them by donating some of our bell tents, to be used in their most recent trip to Malawi.

Alice and Nina Pulford are the founders of LSU and their vision and resilience has helped change the life of thousands of people. The LSU foundation has been able to empower communities with the help of volunteers and donations, and they have managed to radically  improve the lives of many locals.

So far LSU have built three school blocks at Mkhunku school in Malawi. They have provided pop up health clinics, food plantation at Mkhunku school, and installed solar panels in the school creating the only power source within 10km.

As impressive as those examples sound, they are only a small part of the amazing work and achievements they have created since they began in 2012. LSU is relatively small but they have huge ambitions, and they have come up with ingenious ways of fundraising.

LSU’s fundraising varies, and it includes the sale of Love Specs in some of the biggest UK and European festivals. 100% of the profits are going straight back to the charity. LSU have had some very famous faces taking part in their events and fundraisers including Rudimental, Ed Sheeran, Pixie Geldof and Cara Delevingne.

In late 2016 the LSU team launched their feeding programme in Malawi. Some children were only eating once in 4 days through the famine months (Nov-Feb). But now thanks to the success of Love Specs last year and supporters they were able to plant 3 hectares of crops at the Mkhunku school.

The school is now able to feed its 450 children twice a week from their own land. The farms now extended to 10 hectares this year, so from next years harvest we will be able to feed 600 children daily, plus have surplus to sell to pay volunteers teachers and buy school equipment!

We are glad to learn that the school is on its way top self sustainability not reliant on a hand out. They have also launched sustainable feeding programmes in 6 more areas, training women’s groups, planting crops and giving short term famine relief whilst the crops grow.

With the bell tents we donated to the LSU foundation, they was able to host the Beating Heart crew over Lake of Stars festival 2016. The festival is a project that uses cultural tourism to generate revenue and exposure for Malawi. The project was born from a desire to raise money for a developing economy. My Nu Lang, KidNap Kid and Nicko from Afrique, all stayed in the Boutique tents during the festival. Also one of the bell tents was turned into a studio for various artist over night. 

All the profit from the stars staying in the tents will go to directly to Love Support Unite projects in Malawi. The tents have also been used as temporary shelter for local people to use in the oncoming rains in times of need, especially when houses have been damaged.

If you’d like to find more information on the Love Support Unite foundation have a look here on their website.

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