Black Friday Sale

Hello Boutique Campers! We’ve launched our Black Friday sale and you do NOT want to miss out on this! We’ve slashed prices from some of your favourite bell tents, ranging from Sandstone to multi-coloured, as well as some of our accessories. Why not get an early start to your summer needs? Click here to check out our Black Friday deals.

Ex-Hire Sale

We have also launched our highly anticipated Ex-Hire sale! With prices starting at just £30, we are selling a variety of hire and sample stock, which includes our bell tents and some of our accessories.

The specifications of the tents are exactly the same as those listed on our website. We don’t have pictures of each tent, however our warehouse have thoroughly checked them all and you will be sure to receive a complete tent.

If you would like to purchase an ex-hire tent, please send an email to and we will reserve your desired item(s) under your name. Reservations will be for 1 hour, until we have received full payment from you. If we have not received payment within this time, we will release the item(s). This is to make sure that everyone has a fair chance of grabbing a bargain! 

We are accepting payment via PayPal, which is an instant and secure method.

Make sure you are quick as our Ex-Hire sale generally sells out very quickly, and we wouldn’t want to leave you feeling disappointed.

Please note: all items are sold as second hand and are NOT covered under the Boutique Camping warranty. We are offering a full refund within 14 days of receiving the product, so please check over this and make sure that you are happy. We are NOT offering returns after this time, so please make sure that you check within 14 days of receiving.

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