Boho glamping

Become one with nature and turn camping into glamping with Boutique Camping’s Range of Boho Chic inspired camping essentials. Tune out the busy world with an idyllic getaway trip to the countryside and trial the best of what nature has to offer whilst living lavish in pure comfort and style.

Refine your traditional camping experience and immerse yourself in the grandeur of the wilderness whilst residing in this show stopping Sandstone Luna Weekender Bell Tent, designed to give glampers a taste of luxury in the great outdoors. Light up the night with this elegant Brass Frame Chandelier with Iridescent Glass Holders, a simple yet extravagant addition to your bell tent to create a beautiful ambience. Finish off the bohemian aesthetic with this dreamy Boheme Hanging Piece, a delightful feature to inspire an eccentric free spirit.

Surrender to your wild side and embrace the biggest fashion trend of 2019 with this funky leopard print Weekender Polyester Bell Tent before basking in the elusive calm of the night and reposing on the ever comfortable Boutique Roll Up Bed in Coffee & Cream. Introduce your toddlers to the joy of adventure and exploration as they venture outside and let their imaginations run wild in the stunning Kids Sandstone Teepee.

Elevate your glamping experience by opting to doze suspended above ground and under the stars with this elegant Palacio Hammock, a perfect way to attune yourself to nature and the calming rhythms of the outdoors as you fall asleep.

Sandstone Luna Weekender Bell Tent: £349.00
Brass Frame Chandelier with Iridescent Glass Holders: £59.00
Boheme Hanging Piece:  £15.99
Weekender Polyester Bell Tent: £199.00
Boutique Roll Up Bed in Coffee & Cream: £129.00
Kids Sandstone Teepee: £109.00
Palacio Hammock: £119.00

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