Bring your bell tent to life with these stunningly bright and joyous Bajot Tables from Boutique Camping. Each table is made from sustainable woods and beautifully hand-painted in India to give a unique and sensorial design effect. These tables are perfect for turning up the heat and injecting hints of the Indian summer into your glamping trip.

Instantly boost the mood in your bell tent by making this striking Hand Painted Indian Bajot Table in Pink Aqua the centre of attention. With a focus being put on sustainable products, this small yet mighty table, detailed with luminous and intricate design stands as a beautiful celebration of nature.     

Infuse the warm, earthy hues of the East into the inside of your tent with these fabulously decorative Indian Bajot Tables. Opt for the opulent Hand Painted Indian Bajot Table in Red and Blue, featuring a delicate flower design at the heart of the table that will captivate anyone who lays their eyes on this beauty. Pair this with the Hand Painted Indian Bajot Table in Maroon Orange to create a quirky low dining table where you settle down on a cushion and enjoy all your campfire delights!     

Go bold or go home with these blazing hot Indian Bajot Tables, their sizzling designs will have you immediately gasping for water. Immerse your space with bundles of positive energy by including this Hand Painted Indian Bajot Table in Multi to your bell tent, as you revel in its contagious colours. Alternatively, get your daily dose of  Vitamin C and decorate your interiors with this dazzling Hand Painted Indian Bajot Table.


Indian Bajot Table in Green Aqua£39.00

Hand Painted Indian Bajot Table in Red and Blue£39.00

Hand Painted Indian Bajot Table in Maroon Orange£39.00

Hand Painted Indian Bajot Table in Multi£39.00

Hand Painted Indian Bajot Table in Orange£39.00

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