Whether you’ve been pitching with us since 2010 or are considering placing a first time purchase… as one of the UK’s leading & most trusted glamping retailers, we want to keep you in the loop and allow you to plan ahead when it comes to your horizon of camping adventures!


Here at the HQ we have been analysing the past 2 years and looking at how this will imminently effect the future of BC, and our renown competitive prices. Here is a brief round up of what each year has consisted of…

We were very lucky to order our raw materials early and were able to stay competitive on pricing and even absorbed the huge price increases of container shipping. By Summer 2020 prices across the board were still rocketing, but we were hopeful that this would soon be resolved.

– 2021 –
Globally, the pandemic caused lots of businesses to suffer, however this teamed up with Brexit meant that getting our stock from China to our UK warehouse was not only delayed heavily due to shortage of container space available but as a consequence the cost of this saw a 900% rise.

– 2022 –

We have managed to secure our production line for 2022 and will try to resolve the problems with stock going into the spring 2022. Some raw materials are harder to source and some are more expensive, which as a result, has a knock on effect on the RRP of our products. On average 5.3% up, but individually some products as much as 23% increase!


This year we will be offering a trade discount scheme for all current and new business and non business customers looking to place an order consisting of 5+ tents from September 2021 – 15th December 2021. Baskets with applicable components will automatically receive 5% off their tents. We will be freezing current costs till 31st November, after this you will have until 15th December to redeem your 5% discount – however this will be off the new revised higher prices.

For now, prices across most of our glamping accessories will be remaining as they are. Our range of Wood Burning Stoves however will be seeing a small increase due to material costs. For updates, we advise signing up to our newsletter.

Whilst our shipping costs from factory – warehouse are increasing, for now this will not reflect on any shipping costs for the customer.

For customers looking to order a tent, or who may want one in preparation for next year, we advise buying before October 31st to get your glamping goods at the current price. After this prices will be rising 5.3% (on average) and we will not be offering any price match deals or discounts.


For both the business and consumer, despite having such a rocky few years, it has been amazing to see the rise of glamping and staycations rapidly take over the world! Thank you for choosing to host these occasions in Boutique Camping tents. We have been in awe watching you use your innovation and creativity to keep up morale and indulge in outdoor-adventure even with so many restrictions against us. We truly hope 2022 will be the summer of love we had hoped 2021 would be!

Thank you for your continued support, we will be happy to answer any questions you may have regarding the past, present and future of Boutique Camping at info@boutiquecamping.com

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