10 Genius Glamping Hacks Which Will Instantly Make Your Life A Whole Lot Easier

Are you planning a camping trip soon? We’re here to help! Here are some essential Boutique Camping tips and tricks to boost your glamping experience:

1. If you’re only camping for a short period of time and don’t fancy washing your hair, fear not! Incase your hair does get slightly greasy at the roots, you can use talcum powder to absorb some of the oil in your hair. The talcum powder acts as a dry shampoo, so don’t worry if you haven’t taken any along with you. Make sure after using the powder it isn’t visible in your hair!

2. Want to remove the wrinkles out of your clothes without using an iron or wrinkle-removing spray? Heat up some water in a pan, remove the water and use the bottom of the pan (whilst hot) as an iron on your clothes! Be careful to not burn yourself though.

3. If you’re worried about any creepy crawlies around your campsite, grab some chalk, and either draw on the ground or crush the chalk and scatter it around bell tent. This will help to those little intruders away!

4. Another tip to keep bugs away is to throw in some sage into your campfire. This will produce a lovely scent, so it’s a win-win situation.

5. If you only have AAA batteries but need AA batteries for a specific device, put the AAA batteries into the device and insert tin foil into the gaps. This should allow your device to function.

6. For all the make-up lovers out there, insert some cotton pads inside your powdered makeup in order to prevent them from breaking. Genius!

7. Before leaving for your camping trip, squeeze a few blobs of toothpaste onto a plate (or any flat item) and sprinkle some baking soda over the toothpaste. Leave that to dry for 2-3 days and then put them in small plastic bags or containers. You could use spare Tic-Tac boxes as containers due to their efficient size. This trick will make it easier and a lot quicker to freshen your teeth (and breath) whilst you’re camping.

8. Use our portable stove inside your bell tent to provide you with heat. This is great for winter camping!

9. If you get any nasty insect bites whilst camping, apply toothpaste or roll-on deodorant directly to the affected area to relieve any redness/itchiness.

10. Take a deck of cards with you – the list of card games you can play is endless! Whether you’re going with family or friends, everyone always has fun with cards.

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